Anarcade WL Giveaway NFT

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Beta Platform Live

Gasless Cash & NFT Raffles

Punks vs Apes (Coinflip)


Eth & BSC

Profit Sharing NFT’s (Coming Soon)

Lots more to come!

Collaborating and supporting some of the largest and most exclusive projects in the space to Raffle off their NFTs with a really low barrier to entry.

This means that everyone will have the chance to join these blue-chip communities that where once unaffordable.

We will have multiple raffles live from Cash to NFT’s!

We also have implemented some mini games on our platform like Punk vs Apes (Coinflip) and Blackjack that will be live in beta and a bunch more is coming soon!

We have 3 games under development and will be adding more peer to peer and fun games as we grow. In 4 weeks we will launch our peer to peer poker so projects can run tournaments and have a place to host their communities.


This is the part we are most excited about. We created a Cyberpunk arcade vibe and what’s better than some crazy Gambling Anarchy Punk Apes! Were not just creating the art, were creating a story! We are all about real life utilities so that is why our NFTs will be profit sharing from our platform and business. So you will make money by just holding our NFTs,   . If you ever wanted to own part of your own Arcade/Casino then here is you go  .. The biggest risk, is not taking any

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