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Welcome to Episode 43 of the Right Click Save, Podcast!

Today we welcome Alfie Motion the Animation Director for the Doodles NFT Project. As Doodles holders it was great to chat through to Alfie about how he started working with Burnt Toast (Doodles Artist) and how that led to him joining the Doodles team. Will Alfie “Do an Alfie” and drop some Doodles Alpha in the podcast, you’ll have to watch to find out…

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Animated & Produced by JimmyT_NFTs.

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  1. Loved this episode guys! Love to see UK legends represent! Bitter sweet that he didn’t pull an Alfie but at least he didn’t break the Internet again.

  2. Brilliant episode… my first time listening in to be honest. As someone who wants to get into animation, love this episode. Gonna give Alfie a follow as I follow you all already. Brilliant concept for a podcast Calcio and Jimmy.

  3. Fantastic episode guys – one of the best so far! Hands-down, one of the true S-tier podcasts in the NFT space. Keep crushing it!

  4. Calcio and Jimmy you guys have got a spectacular operation, have already had such an incredible line up this far. Flowers to you guys, DOODLES ARE GONNA MAKE IT BABY 🎉. I brush my teeth to RCSPOD. If I had nothing else besides food water and shelter. The 4th thing that I would choose is RIGHT CLICK SAVE PODCAST.

    this is not a paid advertisement

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