Advance Team Roles Giveaway NFT

Registration Closes 🚨11 hours, 39 minutes

Number of Winners 30 Spots

Raffle Time Oct. 4, 2022, 1 a.m. UTC

Official Link

Verified Twitter HangoutMeta 24,614

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is a 2D pixel Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It is a completely decentralized world developed by its users. You can build, own, and monetize your gaming experiences while enjoying various social, business, and entertainment activities on 9 different blockchains in a single Web3 Metaverse. In Hangout, your options are limitless. You can hold a party with friends, arrange an online meeting with colleagues, display your NFTs to other players, play games, or simply hang out with like-minded Adventurers! Hangout creates a unique virtual lifestyle of leisure, discovery, and enterprise.

World Quests introduction

Calling all Adventurers! The Advance Team has discovered a mysterious planet called Hangout, where the native creatures have created a global leisure culture based on research and reinvention.

The neon-colored creatures on Hangout are dedicated to exploring paranormal phenomena, dreams, and cosmic mysteries in the streams of the multiverse. You are invited to join the crew in building an ecological paradise that can host all Metaverse projects.

The Advance Team’s spaceship crash-landed and was severely damaged. Now the team needs to repair the spaceship, a campaign pided into several phases. Each phase will require you to complete different tasks, and your efforts will directly impact the spaceship repair progress.

Once the ship is repaired, all Adventurers (that’s you!) can help Hangout’s creatures collect and research specimens for a special robotics program to probe the universe as space explorers.

Complete the missions, help the Advance Team explore Hangout, and begin the next exploration phase!

World Quest Rules

1. We will distribute Advance Team roles through giveaway events.

2. Only those who have obtained an Advance Team role can participate in the World Quests and earn $HOP by completing tasks.

The first batch of Advance Team roles is scarce since each role will generate 1-2 invitation codes, which become unavailable once used.

3. We will add the first Advance Team status on 9.28 at 12:00 UTC.

4. Advance Team roles issued in the middle and late game will no longer generate invitation codes. However, we will still increase the number of Advance Team members so that more users can complete the main in-game storyline of planet Mojito in Hangout.

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