3rd World NFT NFT

Registration Closes 🚨1 month

Mint Price 0.055Ξ

Total Supply 7,900 NFTs

Number of Winners 500 Spots

Official Link twitter.com/3rdworldnft_

Verified Twitter 3rdworldnft_ 12,214 1%

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3rd World is an NFT project of 7,900 unique NFT with 310 traits, 20 godly and 100 legendary also in the collection.

Holders of this NFT get to be part of a Web3 community that has not forgotten about the people in real life still struggling to make ends meet, still struggling to get clean water. Being part of the 3rd World community, holders get to vote on which IRL community we visit to build a water well with electric pumps and a lucky holder gets to officially name the water well each time.

The 3rd World project will eventually expand to other positive projects but for now the focus is to provide clean usable water for the communities in focus. We aim to build 1 well a month in various communities in different countries.

We also aim to empower digital artists from developing communities that are currently online.

Holders get perks for being part of helping these IRL communities like;


– IRL hand carved wooden/bronze objects from the community

– REAL GOLD COIN with their 3rd World NFT stamped on it and so much more.

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