2 BIG Wins: Art Blocks Curated & Gangster All Stars! WGMI Morning Show Ep. 17

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If you watched yesterday’s show and followed yesterday’s plays, congratulations! Art Blocks and Gangster All Stars both pumped and paid out sizable dividends for the ones that got in early!

Time stamps:
4:38 – Fontana by Harvey Rayner pumping
6:00 – Gangster All Star Evolution Pump
10:00 – Market Report
11:30 Terraforms pump
14:56 – News over the last 24 hrs
22:25 – Clone X reveals another teaser video
29:22 – BAYC announces Community Council
31:15 – 3AC liquidating assets?
34:45 – Nifty Portal pumping
36:00 – Project of the day – Anomura Mystery Bowl

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