#101 – Aaron McDonald – FLUF World: Into the Metaverse

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My guest on today’s podcast is Aaron McDonald, Founder and CEO of FLUF World, A metaverse ecosystem of collectable NFT characters and a global, creative community. I picked up that deception from their website.

But of course, they are doing a lot more than that and I wanted to get an inside look for myself which I share with you in this conversation.

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00:00 Intro
00:31 About Aaron and FLUF World
06:41 How does FLUF differentiate from other Web3 communities?
12:45 Content of Web3
16:15 What was it like to launch 15 collections?
21:17 The Web3 space is mostly driven by traders
26:54 Soulbound tokens
32:09 The future will be tokenized
34:50 Is the metaverse and Web3 as a whole going to be 100% inclusive?
41:46 Do you think that technology unites people more, or the opposite?
47:16 What is next for FLUF World?

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