🎙DeFi by Design Episode 91: How Pudgy Penguins Is Climbing The Ranks Of Blue Chip NFTs

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DeFiSlate Fam:

NFTs are going to come ROARING back to the front and center of crypto. It’s already happening.

Pudgy Penguins have had an incredible year of success in this bear market, consistently grinding higher and higher in floor price and community.

Partially due to the cuteness of the penguins, but mostly because of the new ownership led by Luca Netz.

In this podcast we sit down with Luca to discuss the future of NFT IP and how he plans to help pudgy holders grow financially and as a community in the future. We discuss the ins and outs of the current NFT world and also field some questions from the pudgy community themselves!

Enjoy and join the pudgy gang!



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