【Crypto101】Ep4. Scan to Own? PBT? Azuki’s golden skateboard NFTs! #KarmaKsana #nft #crypto

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Welcome to Crypto101, your guide to the crypto world.
You might have heard of “play to earn” or “play to own”, but what about “scan to own”? On October. 21st, Azuki, the anime-themed project, auctioned 8 golden skateboards, the most expensive one being 309 ETH. They aren’t meant to be ridden since each weighs 45 lbs (20kg)!

So what are they for? These skateboard NFTs make on-chain ownership possible for real-world assets in just one scan away. By scanning the embedded BEAN chip, it links the physical skateboard to the digital token, PBT, on the Ethereum blockchain without a centralized server. You then own the physical asset AND the digital experiences it brings.

Are you excited about this scan to own experience? comment below and see you in the next video!


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