¥u-Gi-¥n x DeadFellaz NFT

Number of Winners 8 Spots

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¥u-Gi-¥n, a metaverse project founded by a TOKYO-based guild of 3DCG artists from a most popular creative boutique: PERIMETRON, creative directors, designers, engineers, musicians, and marketers.

The year 20XX, a world where the digital economy has subverted reality. The APES dominate. They have amassed enormous wealth in a distributed community detached from national authority. Without digital riches, The FUNGIBLES  are forced to live underground. Once world-renowned entertainment district SHIBUYA, TOKYO , has been bought up by the APES. CENTRAL SHIBUYA has been rebuilt in the Metaverse. For the FUNGIBLES boys and girls, denied even of their native born skies, ¥u-Gi-¥n  is the only chance to change their fates — the one games club where only APES are allowed to enter. The 8888 FUNGIBLES are armed and ready to launch their revolution on the Ethereum blockchain. The Re:HACK Project has begun. To bring back Yu-Gi as it once was.

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